Welcome to RADdose platform. This site is dedicated to the Swiss survey on population exposure to X-rays in diagnostic radiology. Your active contribution is valuable to us. So sign without delay!

The objectives of the surveys

The aim of our surveys is to estimate trends in medical irradiation of the Swiss population.

The survey content

Our surveys focus on diagnosis and interventional radiological examinations. The choice of the examination was guided by previous Swiss investigations and some European reports. They correspond to the most frequently performed tests and / or those predominantly contributing to the exposure of the population. We also incorporated some tests deemed relevant from a public health point of view.

All informations provided by you will of course be treated confidentially.

The informations you shall provide on this form must be come from your radiological computer system (RIS) . You might have to call your system administrator to obtain them.

Arrived at the end of the data collection, you will automatically receive a PDF summary report of data provided on your e-mail box.

The results of the surveys

Please find below the link to the report from the National Survey 2018


  • Anaïs Viry, Julie Bize, Philipp R Trueb, Barbara Ott, Damien Racine, Francis R Verdun, Régis LeCoultre, Annual Exposure of the Swiss Population From Medical Imaging In 2018, Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 2021;, ncab012, https://doi.org/10.1093/rpd/ncab012


Please find below the link to the report from the National Survey 2013